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2.1. Partner Referral URL Generation

To refer merchants to SysPay, partners have to build a URL signed by a checksum.

To do this, you will need:

  • A SysPay Partner Login (provided by SysPay, available from the backend)
  • A passphrase (provided by SysPay, available from the backend)
  • Your own reference for the referral (typically, its user id in your system)

The URL follows the following scheme:

<BASE URL>/partner/refer/{partnerLogin}/{reference}/{checksum}

The BASE_URL is for the production environment, and if you want to test in our sandbox environment.

The checksum is computed the following way:


2.1.1. Example code (PHP)


function getChecksum($partnerLogin, $reference, $passphrase)
    return sha1($partnerLogin . $reference . $passphrase);

$partnerLogin = 'plogin';
$reference = 9000;
$passphrase = 'some shared secret';

$checksum = getChecksum($partnerLogin, $reference, $passphrase);

$redirectUrl = sprintf('',
                            $partnerLogin, $reference, $checksum);